PICASSO - 4 Month Old Male Stunningly Beautiful Kitten!!

 Picasso, a special name for a special cat. Even his story is a little bit different. He was thrown high in the air, but, luckily, he fell on an awning, missing the concrete by a few centimeters. He was in an extremely poor physical condition, constantly hungry, packed with fleas, and he had a big abscess on his little chin.

 The abscess has been taken care of, and now this gorgeous, playful, cuddly kitten need a place he would call a home. A small tiger, who might seem shy at first, will cuddle your hands away. Around 4 months old.
Will be fully vaccinated before the trip.

Name: Picasso
Age: 4 Months
Sex: Male
Vaccinated: Not yet
Ref: Adriana Popovic