ODESSA - 3.5 Month Old Relaxed and Calm Baby Female Kitten!!

Odessa unfortunately shares a sad and familiar story with the majority of cats that were mysteriously left in the homes of the volunteers, in the middle of the night. She was thrown, along with her sibling, at a volunteer’s home at around 2:30 a.m., where she was meowing and crying for help. The NGO 9 Lives’ volunteer managed to catch her and place her in safety, but her sibling, who ran away, was of no such luck. Sadly, his poor short little life ended sooner than it had an opportunity to start, he was found ground to pieces under the hood of a neighbor’s car.

 Odessa now shares her temporary home with a bunch of other orphaned cats. She is 3 and half months old, playful and very calm and tranquil. She gets along very well with other cats, but she also doesn’t mind playing by herself. She is extremely careful and will not approach everyone. Whenever she goes outside, she never wanders too far from the house. She has extremely soft fur and a soft, delicate voice. She’s been vaccinated and litter trained. She is ideal for a household with more cats, as she loves their company and always looks for a feline friend with whom she can snuggle and fall asleep.

She received the DHPP vaccine. She will be rabies vaccinated & micro chiped  before the trip and spayed when she reaches 6 months of age.

Name: Odessa
Age: 3.5 Months
Sex: Female
Ref: Adriana Popovic