DONA IS ADOPTED - SIMBA and DONA -Gorgeous 8 Week Old Female Kittens, Tabby and Tabby and White Girls!!


Is there an end to kittens being abandoned on the street? Because Simba & Dona didn’t deserve that kind of a destiny. When they were just babies, they found themselves left in the cold streets of Osijek, having nothing but each other… These 7 or 8 weeks old kittens had their ears attacked with ear mites and their skin bitten by some fleas, as well as they had intestinal parasites. But since they were found, all of that has been treated and they were on their road to recovery. Litter-trained, the kitties have been temporarily placed on one secured balcony, but we can all agree that that is not a place for two joyful, playful kittens to be.

While they were enjoying their photo shoot like two gorgeous little divas, they were brought outside to play on a meadow and the energy that followed was incredible. They were playing like crazy, enjoying the grass and the sun and fresh air, so, ideally, it would be great if they could be adopted somewhere with a garden. Little Simba, the perfect example of a Whiskas gray kitty, has a small limp (she found that way), but it’s getting better and is, in no way, interrupting her monkeying around Dona is a beautiful gray and white kitty, who is as perfect, ecstatic and enjoyable as her sister.
DHPP vaccinated. Will be rabies vaccinated and microchiped before the trip. Will be spayed if old enough(6months)


Name: Simba and Dona
Age: 8 weeks
Sex: Female
Ref: Adriana Popovic