ADOPTED - LIANA - A gorgeous Grey Female 4 Months old Kitten!!!

 Liana is a gorgeous example of a gray tiger, with a pair of extraordinary colored eyes. You can say that she is a purring, cuddly, adorable machine, because she can never get enough of attention and cuddling and it is if she cannot stop purring You can practically tie her into a knot; she will not stop following you around and looking for more company and attention!

This cuddly, graceful kitty is only 4 months old and is temporarily placed into a home of a NGO 9 Lives’ volunteer, where she was ruthlessly left by her previous owners. She has been treated against parasites, she is litter-trained and in need of a loving home and, more importantly, a human she could call her own. She will find a way into your heart in just a few seconds, being her lovely, charming, and lovable little self.

Name: Liana
Age: 4 months
Sex: Female
Ref: Adriana Popovic